2016 TrackLord : Run The Streets

2016 TrackLord : Run The Streets

Our new Tracklord frames are designed to run the streets and rule the track. Step into the every day life of our tracklord rider as he battles his way to his training course at the Velodrome. Our redefined graphic designs add on to its classic look with sharp corner edges giving it an aggressive feel and look to the frame. Our new graphics on the frames represent what we feel when riding our Throne builds, Ride fast and Break away! Its hand polished smooth welds make it seamless and aerodynamic. We believe that the design and aesthetics that go into Throne frames are as important as the welding and geometry. Shop the rest of the collection here.
October 06, 2015 — Ike Solano
Throne Cycles Interbike 2015 Wrap Up

Throne Cycles Interbike 2015 Wrap Up

For those that are unsure of what Interbike is, it is probably one of the biggest cycling conventions in North America and we are fortunate enough to display our new products in the urban section along with some of our friends and sponsors. Interbike went down in Las Vegas from September 16-18 and while in the day time its about networking all the real fun goes down at night. This year our team took a road trip and brought along some friends like BoostamanteFotos and TRAFIK to join the fun and capture some greatness. We started our Wednesday night with King Of Vegas, one of the most brutal alley cats hosted in sin city, with numerous checkpoints and crazy cab drivers, this race isn't for everyone. While some of us were partying on the sidelines Cristian and Natalie took to the start line. With the manifest in one hand and their smart phone in the other they started talking tactics and what would be the easiest route to maneuver around this city. Luck was on their side and managed to finish the race and Natalie snagged 1st Female and was crowned Queen Of Vegas 2015.
Our trip continued though out the days and we were stoked to meet so many of our clients and dealers from different parts of America and unveil our new Throne Phantom Complete build available in Late October. As the day continued on Thursday we met up with some locals and did a group ride around Las Vegas Blvd. to end up at the Mash Transit premiere at a local dive bar off the strip. Overall this is one of the best Interbike trips we have had. We are thankful for those that continue to support us and are excited about some of our new projects for 2016. It was a lot of fun to bring out the crew this year to meet some of our clients and have fun with us after the convention closes because those were some of our best moments.


September 29, 2015 — hansel echeverria
Wolfpack Hustle - Civic Center Crit 3

Wolfpack Hustle - Civic Center Crit 3

This past weekend was another successful night of racing here in Downtown Los Angeles. Wolfpack Hustle hosted their second race of the series and chose the perfect day to do so, with warm weather and a cool breeze. We decided to meet at our local coffee shop in the Art District, the Daily Dose Cafe to go over some team tactics and strategies before the main event and also hit our local bike shop El Maestro Bikes to make minor adjustments on our new Prism builds. This time our team was in Group 2 for qualifiers so we had a bit more time to kill before we went up, so we hung out in our team tent spinning spokes and telling jokes. With so many first for our team, like introducing our new team mates for the season Hector Morales and Natalie Trujillo, It was also the first event our team rider Cristian Martinez had to miss out due to an accident he had earlier this year while descending the Malibu mountains on his road bike, He had surgery 4 days prior to the main event but will be back on the saddle in no time. Natalie was up first in her women track qualifying group and we are stoked to have her on board representing our brand and hammering it out with some fierce girls in that same field. Our male track team was in the qualifying group with some elite pro riders as well hardcore street riders and we bet you wont catch these pros riding brakeless track bikes in the streets like we normally do on the daily basis. We were not afraid, it just meant we had to go even harder and put those street skills to the test. 

It was around 6:30 pm and the final list had gone up, only the top 90 racers that qualified out of 200+ participants would be able to race and we all landed in the 30s. We knew coming in the stakes were going to be high just for the fact that there was a blend of pro and amateur racers that were going to battle it out in the first lap to gain position. Experience from last year was if you don't battle to get a good position in the front on the first lap, we were going to be stuck with the chase group hanging for dear life. Natalie showed a killer performance at her final race with 39 women racing she finished her final sprint at 16th place and are proud that she never gave up or got lapped by some of the elite women racers. As the final event came closer our team hit the rollers one last time to get those machines warmed up for battle. Names were being called to get racers lined up to their starting positions, music was spinning, hearts were beating, and camera lights were flashing. 3, 2, 1, GO! and they're off! 5 seconds into the race a huge crash happens on the right side of the field taking out some top notch riders including two of our very own. We stand by Don's call to restart the race and give everyone the race they came to spectate. Lucky non of our riders were critically injured or had malfunctions with their prism builds, but we do know this, Angel's adrenaline was pumping because not till after the race he started feeling his pain. So as the racers lined up again for the second time we had one thing in mind, MOVE UP! MOVE UP! and that's exactly what we did. With 6 laps to go and about 5 crashes dodge already team rider Felipe had moved up to a top 10 position and avoided going down on Hairpin 2 by a crash that happened in front of him, but that move left him with a slow leak on his front wheel. By the time he came out of hairpin 1 it was completely flat and had to pull out for the second time at a Wolfpack event. It was up to Angel and Hector to complete this battle and hold it down for our team and that's exactly what they did. We finished with a 20th and 36th position and never got lapped by the field, they may have won the battle but the war is not over. Till next time. 

Check out the video of the First start from our friends GLK Cycling

August 18, 2015 — Ike Solano
Throne Cycles Summer Kickback 15'

Throne Cycles Summer Kickback 15'

This summer our team partnered up with the TRAFIK crew to bring the cycling community together for a day full of art, food, raffles, and of course bikes! Our buddies over at The Daily Dose hooked us up with a venue location in the heart of the LA Art District and we couldn't have chosen a better spot. We setup a gallery to showcase our new Prism collection and our recent collaboration with James Haunt along side some stunning images by local photographers RNPhotography and BoostamanteFotos. We let riders get a first hand experience while they tested out a Prism we build for the show and the response of our new frame-set was amazing. 
 So amazing we gave one out at the Industrial Crit we hosted later that night. With a ghetto hairpin on Mill st. and live traffic going on the main streets of Alameda and 6th st. This course was definitely for the brave and risk takers. Our underground race consisted of 45 minutes in the field with 5 laps to go and with riders from the local crews they definitely made it fast and fun. This day would not have been possible with the help from our sponsors and the volunteers that helped through out the day. Enjoy some pics by @RockMyWorldRocky and @Jonathan_Nunez 
More Flicks of the event HERE


July 27, 2015 — hansel echeverria
Wolfpack Hustle - Shortline Crit 2015

Wolfpack Hustle - Shortline Crit 2015

On May 30th 2015, racers from across the nation came to Long Beach CA for the season opener of the Wolfpack Hustle Unified Tittle Series with one goal, to race bikes on a closed circuit in downtown LBC. This year was our first year that we went out there with a bang! With a great team lined up we had one thing in mind, get out there, have fun, and leave it all on the field. 
With over 150 racers qualifying and only 80 slots available our team knew they would have to go in there and go HAM! And that's exactly what they did. Racing in group 3 among some other strong riders our whole team managed to get a spot in the finals now it was just wait time till the finals started. 
The women track field went up first leaving the Men for the finale but that didn't stop these women from racing hard and fast and with about 12 laps to go our team rider Lydia had to get pulled because the front pack gained on her. As the men lined up for the finale you could feel the tense and eagerness for the race to start. This short course 4 corner crit takes a lot of effort and tactics to move up on the field and like many other races one has to be cautious and look ahead at all times for any fallen riders. With a 30 lap countdown our team had a good solid position in the front pack making moves and pulls to try to extend the peloton. With 10 laps to go 2 of our riders had to pull out due to mechanical problems leaving only Cristian and Angel to hammer it down to the finish line and try to get some team points. As they came on turn 3 it was all or nothing everyone positioned themselves for the final sprint and when getting out of turn 4 it was a free for all. Finishing at 14th place and 17th we finished the Shortline Crit in a good position but not the best See ya at the next Wolfpack Hustle Race. Thanks to our sponsors @SwiftwickSocks @RoadRunnerBags @CastelliCycling
Ride along team rider Cristian Martinez


June 02, 2015 — hansel echeverria
Throne Cycles X James haunt Giveaway

Throne Cycles X James haunt Giveaway

We are launching our collaboration with Local LA artist James Haunt by giving away one of 3 hand painted frame-sets done by him. James Haunt is the creative fusion of founder James Gillette and his alter ego Haunt. James has always drawn inspiration from his surroundings. Raised in the greater Los Angeles area and surrounding himself with like-minded individuals, James developed a passion for art and creativity as a way to escape the sometimes difficult circumstances of a rebellious youth and now expressing it on a custom collaboration on one of our Throne Cycles bikes. 
Throne Cycles is hosting a contest. Its simple and want you to win a one of a kind frame-set that you can hang on your wall or race in criteriums. 
Here’s what you need to do to WIN…
  • Download the image below or Print it and get creative! We want you to design something fun, artistic, creative etc. using the template we provided.
  • Post it up on our Facebook page, or tag us if you are using Instagram (@thronecycles , @JamesHaunt)
  • Use the hashtag #ThroneXHaunt.
  • It doesn’t matter what you paint it with; Crayons, Markers, Photoshop, Ink whatever. 
  • We’ll share the best artwork on our Facebook, Instagram page and see how the audience reacts. Get some LIKES! 
  • One Grand Prize winner will be chosen based on their submission.
  • All entries must be received by May 30th, 2015.
  • If you are under 18, you’ll need your parents permission to submit your artwork.
So what are you waiting for? Download the template below and get to paintin'! The sooner you submit some artwork, the better chance you have to get some LIKES and get our judges attention.
So head over to our FACEBOOK page and FOLLOW us to see the frames you could win… Throne Cycles
Or Follow us on INSTAGRAM and tag us... Throne Cycles
May 06, 2015 — hansel echeverria