Throne Cycles Summer Kickback 15'
This summer our team partnered up with the TRAFIK crew to bring the cycling community together for a day full of art, food, raffles, and of course bikes! Our buddies over at The Daily Dose hooked us up with a venue location in the heart of the LA Art District and we couldn't have chosen a better spot. We setup a gallery to showcase our new Prism collection and our recent collaboration with James Haunt along side some stunning images by local photographers RNPhotography and BoostamanteFotos. We let riders get a first hand experience while they tested out a Prism we build for the show and the response of our new frame-set was amazing. 
 So amazing we gave one out at the Industrial Crit we hosted later that night. With a ghetto hairpin on Mill st. and live traffic going on the main streets of Alameda and 6th st. This course was definitely for the brave and risk takers. Our underground race consisted of 45 minutes in the field with 5 laps to go and with riders from the local crews they definitely made it fast and fun. This day would not have been possible with the help from our sponsors and the volunteers that helped through out the day. Enjoy some pics by @RockMyWorldRocky and @Jonathan_Nunez 
More Flicks of the event HERE


July 27, 2015 — hansel echeverria