Throne Cycles Interbike 2015 Wrap Up
For those that are unsure of what Interbike is, it is probably one of the biggest cycling conventions in North America and we are fortunate enough to display our new products in the urban section along with some of our friends and sponsors. Interbike went down in Las Vegas from September 16-18 and while in the day time its about networking all the real fun goes down at night. This year our team took a road trip and brought along some friends like BoostamanteFotos and TRAFIK to join the fun and capture some greatness. We started our Wednesday night with King Of Vegas, one of the most brutal alley cats hosted in sin city, with numerous checkpoints and crazy cab drivers, this race isn't for everyone. While some of us were partying on the sidelines Cristian and Natalie took to the start line. With the manifest in one hand and their smart phone in the other they started talking tactics and what would be the easiest route to maneuver around this city. Luck was on their side and managed to finish the race and Natalie snagged 1st Female and was crowned Queen Of Vegas 2015.
Our trip continued though out the days and we were stoked to meet so many of our clients and dealers from different parts of America and unveil our new Throne Phantom Complete build available in Late October. As the day continued on Thursday we met up with some locals and did a group ride around Las Vegas Blvd. to end up at the Mash Transit premiere at a local dive bar off the strip. Overall this is one of the best Interbike trips we have had. We are thankful for those that continue to support us and are excited about some of our new projects for 2016. It was a lot of fun to bring out the crew this year to meet some of our clients and have fun with us after the convention closes because those were some of our best moments.


September 29, 2015 — hansel echeverria