Bone Machine Crit - #thronetourPDX

While we were stoked to be part of the first ever So Cal Fixed Series we were also stoked that another West Coast race popped up, The Bone Machine Crit in Portland, OR. This was a great opportunity to get the team together and enjoy some fun racing in a different city we have never been too. The last race we all raced together was the Shortline Crit in Long Beach, CA so having this opportunity was great and on the plus side we got to checkout some scenic views. What seemed that most of the locals from Los Angeles made their way up to race it was great to hang out / race with similar faces and of course new ones. We arrived to PDX Friday afternoon hungry of course, so we did a quick scope around the city and got some coffee and food with some locals. We chilled for most of the trip and waited for the big day, Sunday! 

Local LA photographer Julio Boostamante was in town for the race as well and of course he worked his magic behind the lens. With only about 45 registered racers Bone Machine hosted individual time trials for qualifiers and the fastest time having the 1st spot in the grid line up. We qualified in the in the top 15 so we weren't to far behind but that didn't matter because as soon as the race started is full on slayer mode! What seemed to be each lap getting faster the field got strung out and riders started hitting the pavement on the hairpin turns. We tried to play it smart and bridge some gaps and not let a breakaway happen by sitting in the peleton. Maybe running a smaller ratio would have worked better for us but we did what we though was best and with 5 to go it was attack after attack! We went in with one thing in mind, Stay Alive! and we did that! Ha! We came in 10th and 12th in the final race with only 14 or so athletes surviving the carnage, by far one of the best technical courses we have ever raced in. So thanks again Portland, Bone Machine, Grilled Cheese Truck, and all the local coffee shops! See ya soon. For more coverage check out the feeds of @quickdrawdubois , @what_the_heck , @cri.stianmartinez and @thronecycles #CritSLayer

September 14, 2016 — Cindy Victoria