ThickSlick - Tire - WTB 29 x 2.10

$ 30.00
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It’s all in the name, ThickSlick. A burly casing designed to withstand the roughest urban conditions paired with a slick tread design that provides the bite you need in the concrete jungle with impeccable style.


No-nonsense, slick design provides optimal traction on rough streets.
Thick rubber casing protects against damage from glass, pins, staples, and other urban unpleasantries.
Twice the rubber makes for a smoother ride through the natural absorption qualities of the material.


Puncture Protection: The thicker a tire, the harder it is for glass, pins, staples, and other urban unpleasantries to worm their way in.

2X the Rubber: Twice the rubber tread equates to twice the lifespan of a tire.