29" Wheelset - Chrome Done 144

$ 299.00
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The 144 SPOKES wheelset line by Mister Cartoon sounds like a fusion of classic style and modern design. With 29" x 144 spoke alloy wheels, it's a bold statement for any BMX enthusiast looking to upgrade their ride. Mister Cartoon's touch adds a unique flair, blending vintage vibes with contemporary performance. And the idea of "slower is better" hints at a different kind of riding experience, perhaps one focused more on style and cruising rather than speed. It's an intriguing concept for those who appreciate the history and evolution of BMX culture.
  • 29" Double Wall
  • Throne Hubs with HEX 16T Fixed/Flip Flop
  • Cr-Mo Front Axle 3/8 & Cr-Mo Rear Axle 14mm 
  • Integrated Sealed Bearings
  • Tire clearance up to 2.5
  • 144 Spokes
  • Width: 32mm